Only green news, Encanto Public Relations presents the press review of the good news about the planet

The first news we read every morning must be dedicated to improving the planet. This is the idea behind Encanto Public Relations’ press review organized only with articles reporting innovations, good practices, step changes and results that improve Italy and the world. Like any up-to-date collection of thematic articles, the green review reports on the 20 news items that have stood out in the field of sustainability in the last 24 hours.

The aim is to create an ecological culture in companies based on the exchange of information that updates on the latest discoveries or results of new production processes. While it is always important to be aware that fake news and greenwashing must be stemmed, being informed about what is happening in terms of ecological transformation leads us to a greater knowledge of the real possibilities we have to improve the status quo, even with small everyday actions.

A morning email informs all recipients of the efforts of companies in the same market or the initiatives of local institutions that most concern them.

From paper that is made from tree leaves, to technology that captures Co2 from beer, to energy production from chicken feathers.

The review can be customized for each company depending on the sector and type of market.

This initiative is part of the Communicable-Sustainable project to which Encanto Pr is linked, which addresses companies with an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability communication, with the placet of the Consumers-Users Association, technicians and environmental lawyers able to validate the contents of all communication to guarantee correct information to consumers and institutions, the opposite of which could lead to serious reputational damage, accusations of unfair competition and misleading advertising.