The corporate communication office is increasingly becoming a small multimedia newsroom

The corporate communication office is increasingly becoming a small multimedia newsroom

Business news, like that in newspapers, is found in facts, in concrete actions. Finding them is a job that requires precise expertise

The communication office within companies today must also be a constantly active editorial office at the service of the company’s ‘content universe’, capable of offering varied and interesting content for both internal and external communication.

Becoming, for example, an accredited source of news in your sector is a key lever for being relevant in the overcrowded information landscape. Companies increasingly need skills to be able to understand what information is newsworthy and skills to be able to render it in all the multimedia and interactive storytelling formats demanded by the web and social media today.

Encanto relies on a professional team, selected and coordinated by the agency, and provides it to the companies. Relying on experts in different fields, the newsroom is able to provide ad hoc content, interesting for every target, implying a journalistic language, together with SEO Copywriting skills, in order to gain more visibility on the web.

From blogs to brand-newspapers, to content designed for internal or externalcommunication such as social media, press releases, but of course also video releases, podcasts, infographics and illustrations. Precisely because the editorial team also employs experts in several fields, it is able to provide ad hoc content that is interesting for every target group.

With an editorial pool for texts, photos, videos and podcasts, producing accredited news

That is why we organize on-demand mini-newsrooms, also with strong specializations, dedicated or temporary, depending on the objectives.

A unit to ensure variety of

high-quality editorial content

for internal and external communication

How does a mini-newsroom for companies work?

The model that has always inspired us is that of press agencies, which are able to provide content and updates in a constant and capillary manner to their audience. Thus, the corporate editorial team, with our help, can provide content continuously for all channels and formats.

News professionals have different vertical specializations, from health to green to tech, from fashion to lifestyle to design, as well as brand-video reporters and brand-photographers, graphic designers and even illustrators.

Our photographers and video reporters work for newspapers, news websites and TV. The journalists are professionals who have always liked to combine their work for newspapers with work for companies, and then there is our in-house staff who is able to coordinate and measure skills.

How to find news?

Finding news for companies has always been an asset of our agency, capable of mediating corporate needs with the trends demanded by the web, social and online and offline news. It happens that companies underestimate the value of certain initiatives that, if communicated well, can enhance reputation and visibility.  

As in all newspapers, the professional skills that produce the content make the difference. Newspapers do not use just one journalist or one photographer, but it is the combination of professionalism that gives the media its strength and authority.

How to activate it?

The newsroom is activated on a project-by-project basis or on continuous contracts.

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