Encanto Pr along with the Sapienza University organises the K-Drama Festa in Sorrento

Encanto Pr along with the Sapienza University organises the K-Drama Festa in Sorrento

Among the most interesting events of this first part of the year is the one in Sorrento dedicated to Korean K-dramas, which we curated for AT-Korea, supporting the Sapienza University. This experience is deeply rooted in our hearts, both for the red carpet atmosphere in the unique scenery of the Amalfi Coast and for the mix of cultures and unique flavours that we managed to bring together. We have organised

– press meeting introducing the events of the week 

– festival gala dinner with celebrities from the TV series 

– tasting of Korean dishes created by the expert hands of Korean and Italian star chefs. 

The festival’s creator and driving force was Bianca Terraciano, professor of semiotics at the Sapienza University of Rome.

The press conference at the Sapienza University

The first activity we have organised was directly at the Sapienza University of Rome, as reported by Radio Sapienza through the words of the author Francesca Benassi, who explained the objective of the Sorrento week and all its illustrious protagonists, stating: 

“On 7 March at the Wolf Lecture Hall of the Department of Communication and Social Research (Coris), a press conference was held in anticipation of the eagerly awaited K-Drama Festival in Sorrento. This is the world’s first festival dedicated to South Korean television series and K-culture, taking place at the prestigious Teatro Tasso in Sorrento. The event is jointly organised by the Semiotics Laboratory of Rome, the Research Unit “Urban Space, Creativity and Media” of the Sapienza University of Rome directed by Isabella Pezzini, in collaboration with the Baikbong Institute of Seoul, under the direction of Ra Jong-yil (Donggkuk University, Fudan University). Bianca Terracciano (Sapienza University of Rome) is the creator and spokesperson of the committee, which counts, in addition to Pezzini and Ra, on well-known experts such as Antonetta Bruno (Sapienza University of Rome), Francesco D’Amato (Sapienza University of Rome), Kim Youen (Baikbong Institute, Hanyang University), Oh Minjae (Baikbong Institute, Korea Transportation University), Yoo Yoosik (Baikbong Institute, MBC), Kang Jae-gyu (Baikbong Institute), Ko Jae-youl (Baikbong Institute, Wonkwang Digital University)”.

The K-Drama Festa, the first festival dedicated to Korean TV series

In Sorrento, during the Festival days, in addition to round tables and in-depth sessions, the most-watched Korean dramas in Italy were given awards, as well as their actors and directors. During the event, Encanto Pr, on behalf of AT-Korea, organised tastings of Korean dishes at the Teatro Tasso thanks to chef Sun Young Koo. For the gala dinner, we chose the prestigious Istituto Alberghiero San Paolo in Sorrento, located in an old convent, where a dinner was organised with the institute’s teachers and students led by Michelin-starred chef Mario Affinita of the Don Geppi Restaurant (1 Michelin star) – Majestic Hotel in Sant’Agnello.

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