Our 2024 Milano Design Week between the Brera and Tortona areas

Our 2024 Milano Design Week between the Brera and Tortona areas

The Milan Design Week keeps confirming itself as an event attracting extraordinary visibility. Our agency has been working alongside companies from all over the world for over 20 years (from location scouting to media relations, VIPs, influencers and social campaigns), and this year too expectations were not disappointed. 

The numbers – 1125 Fuorisalone events and 830 related brands – exceeded the highest expectations, confirming the Milan design week as the world’s most important event in the sector. 

This year’s theme “Materia natura” (Matter nature) highlighted the key role of design in driving a new relationship with the planet. 

These were central topics also for our customers who proved to be among the most innovative companies at Fuorisalone 2024. We are talking about:

  • Matrex Natura by Buoninfante in Brera 
  • Poliuretano-è at the Superstudio in via Tortona 

Matrex Natura by Buoninfante at the Brera District

Matrex Natura at the Brera Design District showcased the high-tech mattresses produced from plastic rescued from the sea, exhausted cooking oil, copper and silicon. At the location in via Foro Buonaparte 54, over 3000 visitors walked through the four natural elements, water, air, earth and fire that inspire and are the basis of the technology with state-of-the-art patents behind the “X-BIO Circulife” mattress and the X-BIO lineThese hi-tech products, in addition to guaranteeing comfort and relax, are a virtuous example of a combination of innovation, wellbeing and sustainability.

Matrex Natura has been featured in more than 50 newspapers and TV such as Canale 5InterniVanity fairCose di casa, Casa facile, as well as Il Fatto quotidiano and Il Giorno. Among the guests attending the location were Giorgio Tartaro, Alessia Foglia and Ornella Picciau, as well as the testimonial of the advertising campaigns Elisabetta Gregoraci, who was treated to a special party.

In addition, an aperitif plus workshop with Carmelo di Bartolo, Professor of Creative Design at the IULM University, explored the topic of innovative materials alongside natural ones. A unique lesson that compared the characteristics of natural elements with laboratory-created compounds. 

“We are very satisfied with the enthusiasm shown for Matrex Natura by over 3000 visitors,” said CEO Enzo Buoninfante. ”By participating in the Fuori Salone, we reached out directly to the public and talked about values and principles, about ideas for a common future where innovation goes hand in hand with sustainability”.

Poliuretano showcases VIRIdiVITA at Materially 

Another important installation marking our Fuorisalone 2024 was that of Poliuretano-é at Superstudio in Via Tortona in the Materially space. This year we presented the innovative VIRIdiVITA system to the media and public: it made its debut in Milan during Design Week, coming from the roofs and green façades of Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Lucerne.  VIRIdiVITA (as we read in Il Giorno or Affari Italiani) is an innovative, lightweight and economical system that transforms roofs and facades into gardens and combats climate change. A ‘polyurethane foam’ replacing the soil allows plants to grow while using rainwater, and insulates buildings from heat and cold, creating a sort of ‘green’ coating. The novelty lies in the use of water-retention flexible polyurethane foam sheets which, through special additives in the formulation, enable plant life. VIRIdiVITA was patented in Switzerland and is the result of collaboration with the research and development department of Toscana Gomma, a company of the Olmo Group.  

In this case, our work with the press, both business and specialised in the building sector, allowed the diffusion of the story of this innovation which is exclusive for Italy.

Looking forward to meeting you at the 2025 Milano Design Week!