WomenXImpact Forum 2023: Encanto PR organises a panel dedicated to D&I in the food industry

WomenXImpact Forum 2023: Encanto PR organises a panel dedicated to D&I in the food industry

“D&I in the food world: where are we at?” this is the title of the panel organised by Encanto Public Relations for WomenX Impact Forum 2023. The purpose: to take stock of the situation on gender equality in the food industry.

The protagonists of the meeting moderated by Francesca Amadori, Consultant of Strategic Communication, were the spokespersons of 4 Italian excellences in the industry: Montenegro Group with the HR Director & Digital Innovation Chief Cristina Danelatos, Alice Pizza with the Marketing & Communication Manager Chiara Valenti, Siropack with the Research and Developement Manager Jessica Rossi; Cucina Evolution with the nutritionist, university lecturer and Co-Founder Chiara Manzi. 

The companies that participated in the panel were selected as case studies due to their female vision, opening the way to new thoughts and suggesting new models to reduce the gender gap and get ready for the commitments dictated by the 2030 agenda.

“These 4 virtuous examples – explained Amadori – teach us to believe in the values of training and competence as key and essential levers to change the role of women and make them grow in business, without renouncing to human and family relationships”.

During her speech, Cristina Danelatos spoke about the certification for gender equality achieved by the Montenegro Group. “Based on the Accredia register, today we are the #1 Spirit company and among the first Food companies in Italy to be certified – said Danelatos – With this activity, we connected the various initiatives of the broad program in support of Gender Diversity that we started working on in 2020″.

Chiara Valenti highlighted Alice Pizza’s commitment to inclusion and career opportunities. “Alice Pizza, which already bears the name of a woman and boasts an 80% percentage of female workers, is a company that offers the opportunity to conquer spaces and climb the ladder in all areas of the company. Some of our employees have entered with an operating role and today guide entire geographic areas” – explained Valenti.

Jessica Rossi brought to the stage her experience, explaining how Siropack gave her the opportunity to combine her working life as a mechanical engineer and her maternity. Rossi said: “I used to be a researcher at university, but with the birth of my first daughter I couldn’t reconcile work, which for me is fundamental, with the newborn baby. My story has a positive conclusion because I was lucky enough to have met the owners of the company in which I work that offered me the opportunity to take care of both aspects at best: I could even breastfeed in the laboratory when I needed to and, at the same time, go ahead with the important projects I was following”.

Chiara Manzi recounted her example of entrepreneurship, study and research that led her to be Co-Founder of Cucina Evolution and top expert in Europe in Culinary Nutrition. “I dreamed of losing weight, lowering cholesterol and living in great shape, eating happy carbonara, fried food and tiramisù – said Manzi -. Deprive me of the Italian tradition’s best dishes was not well seen by me either. This is how Cucina Evolution was born, a project that saw myself as the first patient. I understood on my skin that the right nutrition, to work and keep us fit and healthy, must be composed of foods we love”.

The 2023 edition of the WomenX Impact Forum hosted more than 100 speakers who discussed the theme of women’s empowerment, which is increasingly relevant and interesting. The event aims to give voice to women through the story of their career path and to companies that stand out for their important projects in the field of Diversity & Inclusion. In this way, the summit affirms itself year after year as a reference point for an international community of more than 10,000 women and represents an important opportunity for debate and networking.

“WomenX Impact is a great opportunity to listen to great minds and share innovative ideas – says WomenX Impact’s founder Eleonora Rocca – a meeting to expand knowledge and support professional growth. The first step on the road for building a new leadership”.