Italy – Encanto PR joins the first communicators team with anti-greenwashing lawyers and technicians and the Consumers and Users Association

Italy – Encanto PR joins the first communicators team with anti-greenwashing lawyers and technicians and the Consumers and Users Association

Communicating sustainability can cost heavy fines if companies – even if driven by a genuine desire to show their efforts to protect the planet – then encroach on greenwashing.  Incorrect communication could lead to serious reputational damage, accusations of unfair competition and misleading advertising. Better to enlist the help of experts to ensure correct information for consumers and institutions.

Encanto Public Relations,Welcome and Noesi Public Affairs Lobbying & Communication – three PR, Marketing and Lobby communication agencies – together set up the “Comunicabile-Sostenibile” (eng. Communicable-Sustainable) project to offer the first team of experts for all communication services with technical and legal supervision

The project is joined by Giusto&Sostenibile, a benefit society emanating from the Consumers and Users Association, and Strategy Innovation, a spin-off of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. The former provides professional consultancy on environmental protection with a legal team expert in environmental law, greenwashing, DNF Disclosure not financial, ESG Environmental, Social Governance and LCA Life Cycle Assessment. The second deals with strategic sustainability planning and sustainable business models.

With Giusto&Sostenibile and Strategy Innovation, the 3 agencies – Encanto PR, Welcome and Noesi – guarantee a qualified interdisciplinary approach to sustainability communication that avoids the risk of greenwashing. The “Comunicabile-Sostenibile” team with the placet of experts will validate the content and enhance the efforts of each company so that it can be told.

The President of Giusto&SostenibileGiuseppe d’Ippolito, a lawyer and environmental jurist, recalls that greenwashing practices are increasingly condemned in Italy and abroad, by national courts, supervisory authorities and EU institutions: “The correct communication of environmental requirements and sustainability reports (DNF Disclosure not financial, ESG Environmental, Social Governance, LCA Life Cycle Assessment) is already highly recommended today, but will become compulsory from 2024 and will be a prevailing element for participation in public, national and European calls for tenders and competitions. Consumers are increasingly attentive and sensitive to ‘green marketing’, but it risks becoming a disvalue in terms of reputation and corporate image when it is not carried out in a correct manner“.

Communicating sustainability is not just a reputational lever,” explains Roberto Gazzini of Encanto PR, “but a concrete action to do business in a new way, starting with the change that words can convey. Today, everyone is more attentive to sustainability: the consumer, the institutions, but also the legislator”.