TikTok has 1 billion users, but brands don’t use it

TikTok has 1 billion users, but brands don’t use it
By Daniel Wood, a student from the UK – Encanto’s intern

Innovation is the Key  
Innovation in the PR Industry is no longer a choice, but a survival mechanism, survival of the fittest some might say. Disruptive technological advances dominate audiences’ attentions, and the PR Industry must follow to remain relevant and captivate their audiences. In the world of PR, nothing is permanent, and innovation is the key.

Yet, can we claim to be the innovators? In short, no. What can be said however, is that we are pioneers in the exploitation of innovation. PR utilises innovation in unique formats, often redefining how information is communicated. From the modern-day influencer (which the internet deems can begin at anywhere over 1000 followers on Instagram, a nano influencer) to the unprecedented internet takeover of Tiktok, maximum exposure can only be achieved through targeting more and more realms.

My personal niche of interest lies in the fashion industry and therefore I am perhaps most perceptive of the efforts of fashion brands PR approaches. Take GUESS, for example. Tiktok has reached unprecedented audiences with now over 1 billion users, and yet it remains a tool, wholly underused by brands as a marketing and Public Relations device. GUESS has amassed an audience of almost 50,000 followers with 24 simple posts (one with over 1 million views), even inciting a #inmydenim trend, with over 51.2 million related postsyet the domino effected is still to occur.

However, other organisations such as The Washington Post, BMW and Lipton should definitely be recognised in their attempts in using the social media platform to approach audiences in a new captivating and more humourous nature. Of course for many, this has potential to give a brand a different dimension, a personality which may not have been explicitly known by customers, and therefore a great opportunity for brands.

From fear of the unknown to complacency, Tiktok remains an unexplored innovation for the world of PR to conquer. As all new trends, pioneers of the PR industry will have to test the waters and penetrate what is a very new environment.

Moreover, what might seem like a riddle, but ultimately encapsulates innovative PR is that: A PR innovator must exploit innovation innovatively, selecting from an ever-evolving ecosystem of potential media outlets, and discerning the means most likely to reach the intended audience.

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