The success of Food Pr in the Korean sauce Ssamjang

The success of Food Pr in the Korean sauce Ssamjang

Public relations around the table of a well-known chef, our country has made history without even realizing it, which is why Food Pr is still considered a “routine” activity for the agribusiness sector. 

Maybe less showcooking and more space for lunch or dinner and tasting, all the same, discovering how far an established Chef’s creativity goes when he has novel ingredients on his hands , is still a popular option for both media and social success.

This summer, for example, was also an opportunity to repurpose a major Public Relations & Food event for AT Korea Paris, a division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade of the Republic of South Korea ( coordinated by experienced manager O soo Jeong, who asked us to raise attention and visibility on new Korean ingredients, sauces, mushrooms and seaweed that can already be purchased in Italy. 

O Soo had specific requests, the brief was already well outlined from the first meetings, and together we had already curated for AT Korea other events with excellent media and social coverage, even during the pandemic. 

We needed to present a shortlist of chefs and locations to show how to use ingredients and some ways to develop relationships in the restaurant industry that could lead to future developments of the project.

Given the usual tight schedule, Daniel Canzian’s original menu proposal and the large counter overlooking his open kitchen was the ideal choice to meet the client’s request for a lunch and showcooking for 40 journalists and 10 influencers. 

Aided by the Korean wave that makes everything about Korea trendy, Canzian’s wonderful touch on the ingredients helped make the event a great one with excellent press and social results.

We invite you to read some of the items and read some of the posts.

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The event was enhanced by the creativity of our graphic design division for the brochures that directed people to the tasting and prompted them to repeat the recipes. 

Some of the ingredients could be taken home in a shopping bag. 

The press release, a guide to discovering AT Korea in Italy.