The Milano Design Week is all about Public Relations

The Milano Design Week is all about Public Relations

The extraordinary Moooi and LG event at the 2022 Fuorisalone, as we see it

Although attending Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone is a habit for many of us, we have to admit that each event is always a case in itself, a surprise, and we start from scratch each time to weave a canvas of effective public relations. The creative installations of the attending designers and companies always require a dedicated strategic plan: the approach is similar to when you visit a city for the first time and open a map to figure out everything there is to see. 

And the event A Life Extraordinary by Moooi in partnership with the Korean company LG was no exception. We handled its PR from media coverage to VIPs and influencers, to the creation of multimedia tools and the practical management of the week. We did this on behalf of the Korean company Milan Noroo Design Studio contracted by LG for all the organization involved.  LG presented unique new OLED LCDs forming a giant tunnel of curved screens that anticipated the magical setting of the Moooi event such as only Marcel Wande knows how to create. 

Managing the communication of multiple companies participating in the same event is never simple or straightforward because it has to undergo ” endless rounds” of approvals. It is always charged with anxiety and expectations, and it is up to us to define clear and reassuring strategic maps that also produce good results. 

The external agency, while supporting so many communication offices with qualified professionals, never has the role of a simple support, but precisely because it is less involved in the different business logics, it has the valuable task of guiding by standing behind the scenes, harmonizing the different positions, requirements and the many stringent needs. 

LG for example during Milan Design Week 2022 had 4 more events at the same time, some with press meetings on the same day. Moooi, on the other hand, had long since launched the centerpiece of the exhibition that many media had already been talking about, the Hortensie armchair by Andrés Reisinger and Júlia Esqué first born as NFT etc. on which, at our event, people could at last be seated. 

In addition to the really limited time to get started working with the press, there was also the fact that the chosen location, by the way very appropriate and very impressive, the Salone dei Tessuti in Via San Gregorio, was outside the more usual circuits of the Fuorisalone, as some journalists did not fail to point out to us. 

How it all turned into a huge success is due to the fact that at the coming together of so many professional skills and expertise involved, the LG OLED and MOOOI brands have deployed the best that could be desired for an event at the Fuorisalone. A wave of beauty, technology, and inspiration captured everyone who entered the Salone dei Tessuti. 

Location, invitation, press release and photo. At the 4 starting blocks!

While the location a bit off the beaten path did not prove to be an issue after all, the technologic invitation requiring an on line registration, while OK for the public, did not always agree with reporters and VIPs. We must always support the Hi tech version with the old fashioned way of working and follow up our guests one by one.

The press release was the following, and the photo we put under the limelight is here below.

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Durante la Milano Design Week 2022, Moooi presenta A Life Extraordinary, immaginata da LG OLED

Durante la Milano Design Week 2022, Moooi presenta A Life Extraordinary, immaginata da LG OLED. Per questa edizione, Moooi presenta una mostra multisensoriale che si svolge online e dal vivo a Milano. Il marchio di lifestyle opta per un modus operandi diverso, concentrandosi su un’esperienza sia fisica che digitale, combinando il meglio del design, del lifestyle e della tecnologia.“A Life Extraordinary” di Moooi a Milano . stato immaginato da LG OLED nel Salone dei Tessuti in Via S. Gregorio, 29, 20124, Milano. Con il suo “Portale”, Moooi crea un ambiente immersivo, modellato come quattro interior moods, in cui i mondi del design e della tecnologia si intersecano. Il marchio di lifestyle approfondisce la robotica con IDEO, la leggendaria azienda di design globale, che aggiunge a “A Life Extraordinary” di Moooi un altro livello sensoriale. A Milano, IDEO presenta “Piro”, un diffusore di fragranze danzante che rende vivi gli interior moods di Moooi attraverso il profumo e l’interazione. Moooi ha anche invitato l’artista di Stoccolma Ada Sokół ad approfondire ulteriormente il proprio approccio digitale e tecnologico. Sokół è nota per le sue esperienze extrasensoriali e per ‘A Life Extraordinary’ ha usato la sua arte per trasformare gli animali estinti di Moooi in coinvolgenti opere d’arte 3D. Inoltre, Moooi presenta nuovi prodotti, design ed estensioni con creazioni della designer italiana Cristina Celestino, del duo di design svedese Front e del designer e artista digitale Andrés Reisinger e Júlia Esqué. In mostra anche una nuovissima collezione di biancheria da letto, collezioni di rivestimenti per pareti e tappeti.

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Press Day and press materials in a QRcode

At the press event there were more than 70 journalists, counting just our direct contatcs, and they immediately gave results in all major Italian and international media (AD) and (TIME), but the media coverage with the photo shooting done as soon as the set up was finished also reached South Korea (dezeen).  Accreditation should always be followed carefully, with professionally capable staff, because even a single contact if handled well could give the event a turnaround. And this is why we arranged for five people to follow accreditation reception and management inside the venue to present the new features of the installation. Throughout the week the press from all over the world visited the exhibition in Via San Gregorio, and months later the editorial releases are still coming out and are getting more and more interesting. The press day was a proper open party dedicated to media and influencers on the day before the official opening with also some video interviews set for some designers and for Marcel Wande. 

A QRcode gave access to the press release and press kit with images. 

A prestigious press gift made of home fragrances, delivered at the end of the exhibition, was the indispensable finishing touch.

Focus on Influencers

Influencers contributed in a special way to our Design Week, because the exhibition lent itself to live streams and creative posts with a guaranteed impact in the social media.