The Internal Office Model

The Internal Office Model

Encanto works as a division of the company with all the advantages of an external consultancy

Each time a new client joins Encanto it changes our rhythm, habits, and language: new products, new words, new processes. This change is the premise that drives our work method: the internal office model.

Encanto operates like a division of the company, both supporting functions  and offering all the advantages of an external agency. Its main characteristics are:

Flexibility: like a company’s internal office, Encanto adapts to the client’s reality and way of working, either to support the existing com-munications team or to create one from scratch.

Speed: all the client’s needs are addressed directly and met in real-time. Professionalism: one of the most appreciated advantages of Encanto is the involvement and constant consultancy which the team of profes-sional seniors, including the partners, provides to all its clients. Competitive prices: it is no secret that cost is a crucial point in any company’s budget. Encanto has a slimline structure that is versatile and adaptable according to circumstances, thus always very competitive. International approach: the most effective techniques of communi-cation vary, depending on the market and culture involved. Encanto is the only Italian agency to become an integral part of the PR Boutiques International independent circuit, a collective network of over 45 agen-cies boasting experts in communication on all five continents with over ten years’ experience.