The cost-effective agency devised by clients

The cost-effective agency devised by clients
We believe in relationships as the most powerful lever of business. And we are an example. 

Encanto was founded on the needs of important companies looking for a service that was different from the ones already on the market. Something more similar to an “internal office”, but with all the advantages and flexibility of an external consultancy agency.

In order to offer all this, Encanto Public Relations created a business model to provide a unique service that are able to integrate company and agency as though they were one entity. Each new client changes the DNA of the agency profoundly because every company comprises people with diverse work experience which influences and enriches all those who work with them. Encanto is a proactive and extremely result-orientated agency. 7 days a week, our agency offers its clients both skill and creativity, above all in media attack cases where the reputation of the company might be at risk.

Cristina Cobildi and Roberto Gazzini founded the Encanto agency together in 1999 after long careers in the sectors of journalism, advertising, and communications. It’s a family business that has had the know-how to attract talent in the sector and to land caliber brands such as Pepsi, Solvay, Yamaha, Burberry with Pacodis to name but a few. 

Two important governments, the Republic of Korea and Peru, have entru-sted Encanto to work with them over the last five years, covering prestigious events such as Expo Milan 2015 and Design Week along with assisting their relationships with organizations and with the press.