Social network and media: a single information flow for all media content

Social network and media: a single information flow for all media content
Being able to count on a media relations service from a PR company like Encanto Public Relations that manages a company’s social media, in addition to the press and website, means creating information with a unique firepower: a single information flow for all media content.
An individual social networking channel constructed both as a true media channel and as a supplier of news that is constantly connected to traditional media through their online versions, is not only more attractive and increases a brand’s reputation, but is also more visited by the target audience researching a given product or service.
1) Create a newsroom of journalists – client and social media managers
Thanks to our internal social media managers who work in close contact with clients and journalists, we consider a company’s social network management as part of a customer relations service that ensures the effectiveness and appeal of a message as well as generating a map of backlinks able to give the news item a high ranking on Google.  
2) Convert press releases into social media releases
Encanto Public Relations has, already for four years, been offering “social media releases” that is, a revisitation of the classic press release uploaded to platforms that digitalise all parts of the written and visual communication as if it had a life of its own: the title, the photographs, the videos and the details. Each of these components can contribute to spreading the message and be shared and referred to more easily online.
3) Spread the news through traditional media, social networking and the internet. 
News editors often produce updated editions on a daily or even hourly basis. News goes viral immediately on social networks. Being actively involved in this fast pace allows one’s social networking channels to share the success of the traditional media and thus amplify its scope.
4) Monitor everything simultaneously with our “all-in-one” service
Encanto Public Relations also offers an “all-in-one” monitoring service. The possibility of seeing on a single scoreboard how press releases are being received and interpreted in a cross-media manner by the various channels and players: from the press’s social networks to journalists, bloggers and influencers.