More coral and amaranth in our new red, an energetic and light tone to follow the future

More coral and amaranth in our new red, an energetic and light tone to follow the future

The change follows the guidelines of the Research Institute Noroo Design Seul Studio, which publishes the new colour trends every year

More coral and amaranth in our new red. Encanto is changing its look under the guidance of the Noroo Design Seul Studio research institute, which every year publishes trends in line with social changes for inspiration. The focus of the new edition – which bears the title “Cover All” – is the concept of “Flexibility“, which fully represents our identity and is the main lever of our relationship with all our stakeholders.

The hint of red we have chosen can be found among the 48 new colours in the survey, which offers nuanced hues that include a rich variety of tones as opposed to solid, defined colours. These shades also reflect the changes the agency is undergoing, following the transformation needed to respond to new social, economic and environmental needs.

Flexibility evokes a time of hope but also of conflict – the research explains – a clash of values, perspectives and expectations, new technologies and proliferating lifestyles. Focusing on the keywords “flexibility” and “extensibility”, new ideas, new colours and new strategies are presented to help overcome the growing insecurity and limitations of reality.  NSDS proposes a new unique, light and full-bodied colour tone that expresses the individuality and charm of digital media, escaping the “dimensional sensitivity” of primary colours. 

“Inspired by the new colour trends outlined by Noroo, we have chosen to soften the tone of Venetian red,” say Cristina Cobildi and Roberto Gazzini, co-founders of Encanto PR, “moving to shades ranging from coral red to amaranth red, for a more energetic and lighter perception of the brand according to the renewal for a new interesting future”.

In COVER ALL Vol.07 “Flexibility” sold in Italy by Armani Libri, two key colours, called “classy shadow pink and “electric green“, were proposed, which faithfully follow the traditional notion of colour while respecting the new trend towards change.