Media relations between cross-media and multi-channel

Media relations between cross-media and multi-channel

Cross-media and multi-channel are the dimensions in which information and therefore also corporate communication moves, starting with press relations that today see news flowing in a single information stream on the web, moving from online media to video and podcast platforms and of course to social media.

The public relations account no longer works only with a team of colleagues with whom it shares and refines the strategy of defining audiences and results, but its work is also shared – in real time – now with a mini-redaction, equipped with journalists, video crews, infographics experts and photographers who decline the news into a multiple of content.

The media relations office is the most effective lever for promoting corporate reputation and promoting the brand because it is only through authoritative media intermediation, skilfully managed, that the most credible content is built.

It is from this operational and control centre that the content, the good stories arrive, to be shared even before the press with its internal audiences and then with the major search engines. External and internal communication, are now more than ever sides of the same coin and feed off each other, to sustain the company’s reputation starting with its employees even before the media and social media.

There is no distinction between the traditional press and online publications: not only all newspapers, but also TV and radio stations have one or more web and social channels through which they disseminate their articles and news, and many journalists are even influencers themselves and have their own social channels that republish both what they already offer readers and ad hoc content. And let us not forget that on search engines, Google above all, media enjoy excellent positioning precisely because the algorithm recognises their authoritativeness.

While the media play a fundamental role in shaping public opinion, creating perceptions of reality, the web and social platforms should be entrusted with the task of amplifying this cross-media content, in order to further contribute to enhancing the reputation of companies.

We can see the positive response that the transformation of our agency has had from the clients who call us today, much more than before, from abroad: not only Europe USA but also China and Malaysia as well as South Korea, a country with which our agency has been working since 2015. And yes, the parterre of clients has also changed, not only multinationals that are already in our territory, but also distant companies that want to communicate products that travel online.

A completely different need, to which we have been able to respond effectively, because while flexibility has always been a characteristic of the agency, it is now the most valuable strategic lever, including the contractual offers we are able to tailor to the client’s needs.