NewsGuard Vs AI

NewsGuard Vs AI

by Sammy Fahn

The overwhelming misinformation generated by AI has prompted NewsGuard, a highly advanced technological news-rating tool, to train its employers to get their hands on AI and fight it off to end misinformation.

This trend began in early 2023 as the power of AI has often been abused and taken advantage of to spread misinformation and fake news in unimaginable ways. For example, one of the powers of AI is to generate people’s voices and program them to make them sound like they are saying things they have never said in their life.

This feature has been prevalent all over social media with the voices of famous people being modified by AI to say the most unrealistic things. While this feature has primarily been intended to spread laughs all over social media, they have also been very dangerous for so many people’s reputations and have sparked a lot of false controversies and rumors about people.

An example of this would be a series of videos with the faces of former U.S. Presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and current President Joe Biden in which all three of their voices were played with by AI to make them sound like they were having the most childish arguments or discussions.

AI also, probably more notably, has been responsible for so many unreliable and fake news sites that have misled so many people and driven their perspectives, thoughts, and beliefs in the completely wrong direction. As perhaps the biggest and most advanced source of misinformation to date, AI has enhanced proof of the power of one’s words and voice in all the wrong ways. In other words, AI has the dangerous power to destroy anybody’s reputation in a heartbeat. It has already caused significant damage to our society and has been counterintuitive to our culture.

That is why it is so important for NewsGuard to credit reliable news sources and discredit misleading or fake ones. Just as AI may be the most dangerous platform for fake news today, NewsGuard might be the most heroic news-rating tool we have seen. AI may be able to put words in people’s mouths and deceive people with fake news but NewsGuard can scrutinize any news source microscopically and truthfully determine to the public whether we must trust that source or not. NewsGuard is the future of clean and accurate journalism.

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