An international network of PR boutique agencies

An international network of PR boutique agencies

The best PR results require a customized strategy and careful individual performance

Encanto is part of an international network of independent PR agencies in Europe, Asia, North America and South America made up of experienced PR professionals who have worked for multinational companies or agencies before setting up their own business. The network combines competence and professionalism with time and cost flexibility in all 4 continents in which it operates.

Often, in large agencies, the best professionals devote almost all their time to business development and very little time to client work. In Encanto, as in all the agencies of our network, this does not happen because the consultancy is provided directly by professionals, including the owners of the agency itself.

The best PR results require a customized strategy and careful individual performance, a fundamental aspect of a successful agency that calls itself a boutique.

Encanto, like any agency with these characteristics, operates as an “in-house office”, a division of the company supporting functions or instead of functions with all the advantages of an external agency. Its main qualities are: 

flexibility: like an in-house office, Encanto adapts to the realities of its clients and their operating methods, either to support the communication team or to create a division from scratch.

speed: always live with customers, all requests are addressed and resolved in real time. 

professionalism: one of Encanto’s most appreciated advantages is the continuous involvement and advice that the team of professionals, including partners, provides to all clients. 

competitive prices: it is no secret that cost is a key item for any company. Encanto has a lean, versatile and modular structure that can be activated as required, and is therefore always very competitive. 

international approach: the most effective communication techniques vary depending on the target market and culture. 

Every time a new customer enters Encanto it changes its DNA, alters its rhythms, habits and languages. New visions, new words and new processes lead to an inevitable change that is the premise that sets our working method in motion: the in-house office model.