Journalists, bloggers and influencers, why holding a press conference is even more important today

Journalists, bloggers and influencers, why holding a press conference is even more important today
Innovation, research, products that start trends, investment in sustainability: how much do businesses invest in order to defend their uniqueness in the market and bring improvements that the outside world should be told about?
A lot, yet not all choose to do so.
A press conference is a tool that many companies lack the courage to use even when they have something important to announce.
An aura of doubt persists. We at Encanto Public Relations believe that – in the face of an untold piece of news – it is always important to find the courage and resources to meet the press.
This is why.
Firstly, a press conference provides businesses with the opportunity of making contact, through the PR company, with a significant number of journalists and bloggers, offering them not only the news item itself but the possibility of elaborating on it through testimonials and direct interviews with experts. Compared to a normal press release, a press conference gives a journalist the opportunity to “touch” the news first hand and verify it.
The invitation, the notice of a press conference is, in itself, already something that conveys a message to a large mailing list introducing a business objective to journalists. This action also creates an initial selection between those interested or not and, if yes, whether they can or can’t attend but are nonetheless interested in writing about it.
The press conference hinges entirely on this first point of contact, where a carefully drafted title with a concise explanation of the news item, has the power to attract (or not) the attention of a journalist.
Even if some decline the invitation, the message – if well constructed – will have got through and, in the post-conference recall, it will be easier to generate follow up meetings and interviews.
Another important aspect of the press conference is the possibility of streaming it live on social networks. New media acts as a precious resource for adding value to an event. Moreover, the content conveyed through these channels, continues to exist online for days.
The articles themselves, once published, can be re-posted and used by the company on its own promotional channels or retail services.