Relationships with traditional media and their journalists have always been strategic for business and they are more strategic than ever in the digital age. While it is true that the web is an indispensable resource for the visibility of companies, it is also true that the press, radio and TV retain their role as a catalysts of authoritativeness for the company, people and products. This is why dealing with these media always requires a great deal of attention, preparation and the correct documentation. Encanto relies on solid and long-lasting relationships with the main publishing groups, online and offline, and on the know-how that allows each company or institution to relate to journalists in the most correct way.


The press conference, in the era of social media supremacy, would no longer seem to be an effective tool. Instead, today's press conference, even if virtual via video conference, gives the company the opportunity to get in touch with a large number of journalists, offering not only the news to be disseminated, but also the possibility to explore it with testimonials and experts. Even the summons, which is made with an invitation, is already an "event" in itself. The invitation sent to an ad hoc mailing list, initially aligns the journalist with the company's objective. This action, in fact, includes not only the first selection with regard to the media's interest in the proposed content, but also the transfer of the content itself.


Internal communication is increasingly a key area of communication for companies today; not only does it allow the thorough and effective dissemination of information, facilitating exchanges and relations between the various levels of the company, but it is also a tool that can strengthen the company's reputation, perhaps in recent years even more than external communication. Today there is a lot of talk about brand activism, and it is precisely in this sense that objectives cannot be achieved without collective involvement in participating actively in company life, and if this becomes a prerogative of every employee, a great value is generated. A motivated and informed employee will also be more productive and satisfied with his or her work, as well as a valuable ambassador of the company's values. This is why Encanto helps its customers to share the company's "purpose" by investing in internal communication activities to spread values and knowledge.


Organizziamo eventi di ogni tipo dagli incontri stampa agli eventi di piazza, eventi per i clienti progettandoli di volta in volta a quattro mani con il marketing dell’azienda per crearli il più possibile in linea con i loro valori e i trend del mercato di riferimento.

La creatività e la notiziabilità sono il nostro punto di forza, ma contiamo con una serie di collaborazioni che garantiscono la riuscita dell’evento a 360 gradi, dalla scelta di location uniche ed esclusive, alla selezione e alla gestione di vip e testimonial, all’allestimento, al service audio e video, al servizi di sicurezza, al catering.


We organize events of all kinds, from press meetings to street events, events for our customers, designing them from time to time four-handedly with the company's marketing department to create them as much as possible in line with their values and market trends.
Creativity and news-worthiness are our strong point, but we count on a series of partnerships that guarantee the success of the event at 360 degrees, from the choice of unique and exclusive locations, to the selection and management of VIPs and testimonials, to the set-up, audio and video service, security services and catering.


We constantly promote collaboration between brands to promote their projects by establishing win-win relationships in order to achieve awareness and visibility.


Encanto provides editorial offices composed of journalists, experts in the field of interest, to prepare paper or digital magazines and newsletters to share with their audience.


Content is at the heart of our work, and we believe that this is the key to every successful communication, and today more than ever also to every communication service we offer. We implement various strategies for the creation of content, including a journalistic approach, a promotional marketing approach, or one aimed at internal communication within the company. Each strategy is then adapted to the different media or social channels, news curation, article marketing.


Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube: we use them every day to communicate and share moments and personal content. For a brand or a company, however, it is essential to manage these channels continuously and correctly on the basis of a targeted strategy: only in this way is it possible to encourage the creation of virtual relationships that positively affect the visibility and reputation of the company itself. And above all, we cannot think of growing only by investing in ADVs, because the organic content, more discreet and relevant, plays a fundamental role in social networks. Just think of how many times we've had to stop following a Facebook page, a Twitter account, an Instagram page, a LinkedIn profile because they posted too many promotions, or didn't provide useful content or, even worse, never responded to a message.
Being on social media is now a must for every company. Being present, however, is not enough. In a space where everyone has the right to speak, you need to stand out to make your voice heard. Producing interesting and relevant content is indispensable, but it is only one step along a much more complex path. Managing a social channel is not easy: you have to create and recreate, invent and reinvent yourself.


Influencers are useful as a communication medium between the brand and the community, able to "influence" and generate a strategic word of mouth that can influence the visibility of a brand even substantially. Encanto is able to support clients in the design of Influencer Marketing campaigns by building the most suitable creative strategy. Influencers are well known and appreciated people and people trust them. It goes without saying that the key to the success of any strategy is to make a choice of influencers aligned with the brand image and the strategic objectives of the campaign.
Not all companies want to hire top influencers (100K - 1M followers) or celebrity influencers (1M+ followers), it is important to remember that there are different types of effective influencers that have smaller numbers, such as the novice (up to 10K followers) and micro influencers (10K - 100K followers) and it is possible, even on a small budget, to reach your target audience and have good results in brand visibility.


Our media trainings are different from all other media trainings on the market because they not only involve professional journalists for practical exercises but also and above all for the theory part, starting from the understanding of the journalistic needs of editorial staff in order to find strategies that teach how to include company news, winning the approval of editors within the planning of pages, schedules and media editorial plans.


In over 20 years of activity we have supported our customers for all types of crisis communication, helping them to successfully control media resonance. We take care of every detail of communication, from the preparation and implementation of protocols to the preparation of the managers who have to deal with it. From the closure of plants, to judicial proceedings to critical issues relating to products of different product categories, the agency builds precise strategies to deal with these from time to time, putting the company in a position to cope with them. Encanto has, however, also developed a methodology to provide rapid solutions to deal with emergencies even for those who have not foreseen the necessary preparation work.