Group Coaching and Training with Digital Platforms

Group Coaching and Training with Digital Platforms

Today, 31 March at 6 p.m., there will be a book presentation – “Group Coaching and Training with Digital Platforms” by Pier Luigi Milani, Ex Uno – organised by Encanto PR in collaboration with Intesys. Live streaming at the link:

In sports, coaches are usually seen as cherished mentors that teach, support, and inspire athletes to achieve their best and work together as a team towards a common goal. Why not expand coaching to other areas to attain the same types of goals?

Group coaching is a process that is becoming more popular in the workplace to help create an effective thinking environment and improve work stress, health, and relationships. In group coaching, members of an organization work on the same theme or topic together but have their own individual goals since each person have different levels and experiences.

For organizations, group coaching is an option that uses time and resources effectively. It can also be scaled to best fit the needs of your teams or organization. In a time of remote work, group coaching can be conducted virtual as well as onsite.

Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • More affordable than one-on-one coaching
  • Group trainings are usually more effective than at the individual level
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer can occur within the group
  • Fosters a culture of learning
  • Encourages collaboration across the group
  • Improves organizational and systemic awareness 

In the book “Group Coaching and Training with Digital Platforms” by Pier Luigi Milani, the group coaching process is explored and explained. Milani defines the group coaching as a practice created to strengthen active collaboration between colleagues developing their individual skills.

“Group Coaching is a new business coaching methodology that celebrates and fosters cooperation between colleagues; can be defined as a facilitator of collaboration because one learns to work and confront in a direct and constructive way, one learns in a practical way to give oneself effective feedback and to listen to each other with empathy.” explains Milani. “With digital platforms, a new world has opened, made up of spontaneity, flexibility and collaboration. We discovered that doing group coaching online is much easier”.

The book offers the opportunity to see coaching and training applications successfully carried out in the business environment even during the pandemic that has accelerated the processes of digitization of work.