Encanto adopts The Museum of Abandonment: Undecided Spaces

Encanto adopts The Museum of Abandonment: Undecided Spaces


In Italy, public relations agencies’ reputation and image are often underestimated, especially for the smaller ones. Our professionals create relationships that move entire audiences towards our clients, but sometimes the role of staying behind the scenes means our skill and commitment are undervalued.

public relations agency’s reputation is always linked to the measurement of the results it produces rather than to the value its relationships create: value that can change perspectives, encourage decisions and business.


Thus, Encanto PR has adopted “IN LOCO” The Museum of Abandonment, because of its close relationship to the Italy Land of Beauty Foundation.

The project  – which can spur Encanto on to new heights  –  is experimenting with ways to enhance abandoned places, triggering the process of urban regeneration. The concept is of a museum without walls or gates where places become spaces for investigation and research for artists, photographers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects and citizens


Giving the Museum high visibility for free, while the Foundation simultaneously gives our work exposure.


Because it is a new concept, about sustainability and hope, where old buildings waiting for a good story are given a new life.