PRBI barometer: even more clients are expecting that agencies are able to show their services’ ROI

PRBI barometer: even more clients are expecting that agencies are able to show their services’ ROI

According to the recently launched PRBI barometer many clients have recognised a growing need for asking ROI from agency services they are buying. The agency owners see also a correlation between a monetary value of their service and client’s communication budget: the clients are willing to pay more, if the agency can proove its work’s strategic influence.

PRBI barometer is based on the answers from agency owners across the globe, who belong to the international PR network called PR Boutiques International. The answers were collected from 30 PRBI agencies through the world.

According to the barometer altogether 50% of the answerers estimate that PR service demand will increase in 2021. The other 50% see that budgets stay at the same level as in the previous year 2020.

The target of the international PRBI barometer is to help clients to see in which PR services are being invested and what do the decision-makers exptect from the agencies. For those clients who are considering to buy PR services, the barometer helps them to figure out the most critical competence areas where the client shall need to invest more.

The PRBI barometer als shows that clients see media relations (70% of the answerers) and strategic consultancy (65%) as the most important services they need from the agencies. After that come social media consultancy (39%), content management (30%) and crisis communication (22%). The clients are more eager to tight the service they buy to the measurable targets, but most of the clients are not familiar to ask ROI from the agencies so far.

PR Boutiques International is a global network of founder-led agencies from over 40 countries in 5 continents. PRBI members are recognised as fresh perspectives informed by deep levels of experience, an unusually high level of access to senior consultation, and a scalable consideration of client’s unique communication and budgetary specifications.

The next PRBI barometer will be published in the summer 2021.